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Si Muang Park

This park is located in the center of town behind the district council office. Covering an area of approximately 70 rai, the park includes a track, small zoo, basketball court, takraw court, and plenty of trees and flowers. A Buddhist shrine built in traditional Thai architecture called Ho Phra Phut Tha Ang Khee Rot stands in a moat within the park.

Phra Chedi Klang Naam

Phra Chedi Klang Nam is located 5km from Rayong City and sits on a small bell- shaped island at the mouth of the Rayong River. It is said to have been a landmark for sailors, indicating that they have reached Rayong Province. On the day of the full moon of the 12th lunar month, a celebration is held to change the robe covering the pagoda.

Wat Pa Pradu

The Reclining Buddha at Wat Pa Pradu is located 1km from Rayong City. The statue and the temple dates back to the Ayutthaya Period (1350-1767). Measuring 11.95 meters long and 3.60 meters high, the statue is unique in that it lies on its left rather than the usual right side.

King Taksin Shrine

The King Taksin Shrine at Wat Lum Maha Chai Chumpon is located 2km from Rayong City and is one the most sacred locations in Rayong. Those paying respects at this shrine are said to be blessed with fertility.