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3 Dec

Rayong Botanical Garden

Rayong Botanical Garden It is a large swampy area. There are only a few in Thailand. The forests and ecosystems here are unusual and hard to find. Consists of grass reeds, Samet forest, and dry evergreen forest that can be considered as the perfect dry evergreen forest. There are local plants in the eastern region. More than 400 species of rare and endangered forest plants Rayong Botanical Garden focuses on the center and display of wetland and Samet forest species. Show biodiversity, beach forest, which is the highlight of the area and there is little left in the natural condition of the east. The diversity of Rayong Botanic Gardens offers many activities to choose from. the whole story nature walk and cycling in an area of ​​more than 3000 rai
Recommended interesting activities is a boat trip to see the wetlands From the office building to the Samet Khao Forest See the pink lotus in full bloom The way of life of the villagers who come to fish, collect lotus eels, shower, watch many types of waterfowl, then walk and study the nature in the forest that has never been seen before. Every activity has staff to take care of giving knowledge about plants along the way.
Rayong Botanical Garden is located at Ban Klam, Klaeng District, Rayong Province. Tel. 038-638880-1

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